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The Wizarding World of TikTok

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter wanted to take TikTok by storm. We created a spellbinding strategy to help the brand surpass 450k followers ✨


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Entering the Wizarding World

The ‘Wizarding World’ fanbase was already hugely active on TikTok, with an astonishing 82 billion views - connecting storylines, visual cues, and props into their day-to-day lives. We felt it was time to claim our rightful place on the platform.

A spellbinding TikTok Framework

Our strategy was simple. We wanted to marry the joy of TikTok with the magic of the Studio Tour. With a swish of our strategists’ magic wand, we conjured up a framework that fit seamlessly into our overarching social strategy.

Taking our key creative territories from our social blueprint, we gave them a ✨TikTok twist✨ to develop content natively crafted for the space:

The Fan Experience

Giving fans a sneak peek of the magic by showcasing how visitors engage with the Studio Tour’s interactive elements. This can be seen in one of our viral TikToks, which tapped into how the magic comes to life on the tour. Presenting these features resonated with our audience and had an incredible impact on our followers - going from 80k followers to 142.5k in a matter of weeks.

Humans at Hogwarts

From TikTok creators, to Harry Potter icons like Tom Felton, or famous diehard fans like Sam Thompson and Amy Hart, we put humans at the centre of our content. We tapped into Human-first TikTok trends with a Studio Tour twist - think outfit of the day, shopping hauls, and what I eat in a day, as well as new Studio Tour launches, like Professor Sprout’s Greenhouse.

Interacting with Interactors

We wanted the studio tour guides to natively capture lo-fi, behind-the-scenes content, tapping into the popular ASMR trends to show interactive elements of the tour, telling fans facts about different sets, and showing the filmmaking magic props.

Creating an air of nostalgia

For many, Harry Potter invokes magical memories from childhood. We tapped into these feelings by focusing on POV perspective in infamous classes from the HP films, sneak peeks inside much-loved shops on Diagon Alley, and re-enacting scenes known to any Harry Potter fan.

380k follower growth and counting

In under 5 months, we have grown our following from 0 to over 380K, which continues to increase month on month. We’ve seen high engagement on our content, with 5 videos going viral, one of which nearly reached 38 million views. And our community sentiment has been incredibly positive with fans excited to visit the Studio Tour.

Swish and Flick 🪄

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