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Putting meaning into cleaning

In an industry that’s rooted in routine, Vax needed a new answer to an old question: how do we drive sales from different audiences?

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Vax is already a household name in cleaning. But with new behavioural trends emerging post-pandemic, so too was an opportunity to hoover up more market share.

How? By giving Vax the social first sparkle they deserve. One that could scale up their e-commerce strategy with a full-funnel approach.

Satisfying the senses

There are few things more satisfying than witnessing the transformation of a deep clean. It’s seeing, smelling, and touching a freshly cleaned surface. It’s a sensory experience. A feeling. An emotion.

Our research told us that during lockdown, people used cleaning as a way to pass time, combat stress, and improve their mental health.

And it’s the combination of this human truth and real-life observation that led us to an insight:

People of all ages use cleaning as a form of microtherapy.

With that in mind, we wanted our campaigns to lead with satisfaction at the centre. Demonstrating how Vax products feed the therapy of cleaning from start to finish.

Diversifying our audience

With Vax’s existing TV ads targeting over 60s, we made it our mission to diversify their audience. How did we do it?

  • We identified a number of subcultures - pet owners, cleaning enthusiasts, anyone with an affinity for cleaning.
  • We tapped into current cleaning trends, teaming up with influencers that make a lifestyle out of cleaning.
  • We introduced channel clusters, adapting our content across channels to achieve scale.
  • We deployed a full-funnel strategy, covering every touchpoint from click to conversion.

Making it shine

Cleanliness appeals to three senses: smell, touch, and sight. But since we could only appeal to one, we had to focus on making visuals shine.

Think high energy, fast-paced videos with close-ups, slow-motion, and animated expressions. All wrapped up with before, during, and after footage.