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The dawn of the Uberverse

Uber Mobility wanted an effective and consistent global social blueprint under one central brand strategy. The ✨ Uberverse ✨ was the answer.



Jaimie Jennings, Brand Marketing Manager, II, EMEA Regional Marketing
We’re working with Born Social like true partners. Their honest and transparency (and ours!) means we’re learning quickly and setting ourselves up effectively to scale across EMEA.
A global brand facelift

Uber was on a mission to rebrand itself as an empathetic and sustainable brand on a global scale. It needed an effective and consistent global (EMEA) social strategy to fit under one central brand strategy

Achieving local nuance, brand consistency, and changing brand perception

Our team of strategists started with Uber’s overall aim; making Uber a more empathetic brand globally. Our strategists rooted this empathetic approach in each market’s local culture to authentically resonate with local audiences and change the general public’s perception of the Uber brand.

A tailored global + local blueprint

We needed to connect with each market so we tapped into each market’s culture by using 2 key tools:

  1. A global + local social strategy (which maintained brand consistency but still was rooted in cultural resonance)
  2. A bespoke Born Social team structure built around Uber’s business model, with a mix of core strategy and in-market expertise.

This would ensured that social in each market was effective, consistent, and content creation was authentically rooted in cultural relevance across EMEA markets.

Creating creative that thrives in multiple markets, and operational excellence:
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