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Matching Tinder with their target audience

As the app has matured, so has its audience. On a mission to balance out their pool of users, Tinder wanted to capture the hearts of singles aged 18-24.





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The problem

With trends pointing towards an ageing user base, it was clear that Tinder was losing its appeal with younger crowds. Getting downloads wasn’t the problem. It was getting the right downloads that was proving to be a challenge. That needed to change – and quickly.

Going back to Uni

They had just launched ‘Tinder Uni’ – an app update that gives students a way to connect on campus. We saw this as the perfect opportunity to re-engage with youngsters again.

Our targets

Our audience profile was split into two groups:

  • Students who had downloaded the app but were inactive

  • Students who didn’t have the app at all

Our aim was to use Tinder Uni to reconnect with both. Using footage that was filmed by student brand ambassadors, our creative team worked their magic; turning them into eye-grabbing, thumb-stopping, social-first videos.