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Selling the sizzle

Who says you can’t enjoy your favourite flavours at home? We gave people a home-made taste of Nando’s with mouth-watering, tummy-rumbling recipe tutorials.

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Nando’s had just released their Pan-Fry home cooking kit. But to get them flying off the shelves and into kitchen cupboards, they needed to tempt people into trying it.

To do that, we had to show them:

  • How easy it is to use.

  • How quickly it adds flavour.

  • How much you can do with it.

Social is already stuffed to the seams with 'Tasty-esque' cooking tutorials. So how could we bring something to the table without adding to the noise?

We needed something alluring, appetising, and educational.

And we knew that long-form video was the way to do it.

Our production crew, together with food stylists, cooked up a storm and produced two videos – each showing just how easy, speedy and versatile Nando’s Pan-Fry kits are.

  • Video 1: A split-screen cooking tutorial showing 4 different videos with 4 different recipes – giving viewers food for thought.

  • Video 2: A hunger-inducing food-porn tutorial video. Played out in reverse, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Thoko Zondo, Brand Manager, Grocery, Nando's
Born Social approached the project from a ‘platform first’ view which meant we were able to produce content that was native to each platform, engaging and fit for purpose.