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Peri-Peri takes TikTok

Spicing up Nando’s content with reactive TikToks to establish itself as a pioneering brand of Gen Z and internet culture 🌶️

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Struggling to connect with Gen-Z audiences

Whilst Nando’s is an icon of the British high street, they were acutely aware of its ageing fanbase. Nando’s knew that they were at risk of losing traction with a new and emerging Gen-Z audience and needed to future-proof its brand.

Speaking the Gen-Z language

We set out to take a big stride forward in how Nando’s uses social to stay ahead of the curve. Naturally this lead us to a new space: TikTok.

But from the outside looking in, TikTok can be the Wild West. You can’t just step into the ring without a game plan. Our job was to harness the chaos of TikTok to help reposition Nando’s effectively amongst a new generation of fans.

No biggie.

A TikTok handbook

More than any other social platform, TikTok requires two things:

  • Unabashed creative

  • Encyclopedic knowledge of trends

Luckily, Nando’s came to the right place.

We built a series of guiding principles and content streams to adapt to the platform, taking into consideration format, mindset and behaviours.

Reacting with Reactive Content

The home of virality, we keep our finger on the pulse when it comes to sounds and trends making the rounds on TikTok. We encourage engagement with fan content to make users feel included. Where possible, we hero Nando’s position as the UK’s best loved restaurant by bringing food and trends closer together. And when necessary, we react tactically to critical business moments with humour, keeping their community on side without compromising on their brand tone of voice.

Peri Cool Partnerships

We scope out culturally relevant collaborations with famous faces like Grime Gran to integrate Nando’s into Gen-Z interests. Building with their community, we empower TikTok users by giving their audiences a platform to show their craft. We also love to keep an eye on opportunities where we can put Gen-Z at the heart of the moment, like Reading Festival, covering live events on TikTok.

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