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Unbottling the secret sauce

Keeping competitors at bay. Weaving into the cultural fabric. Appealing to nostalgic emotion. Helping Kopparberg to remain the UK’s cider of choice.

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Second dwell time on Festival Insider


CPM (58% decrease across the account)


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Ad recall as part of a brand lift study (7.6% increase from benchmark)

Despite holding a sizable portion of the UK market, Kopparberg had competitors nipping at their heels – and slowly stealing market share.

To stay in the hearts and minds of consumers for future generations, it was up to us to build an emotional connection with a wider audience.

But how? In a saturated market with an abundance of choice, consumers are fickle. Loyalty is short-lived. And switching brands comes at a low cost.

We knew that we had to align Kopparberg with the things people cared about. Music. Live events. Festivals. The cultural moments that evoke nostalgic memories.

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Amplify 'Outside Is Ours'

Fruit cider thrives in the summer months. But during the winter, demand dries up. To keep the drinks flowing all year round, we had to reposition Kopparberg as a drink to be enjoyed throughout the seasons.

This meant that we had to show up consistently, with an always-on approach. Amplifying the ‘outside is ours’ message wherever we could.

To do this, we focused on:

  • Building anticipation in the lead-up to summer

  • Doubling down during peak summer months

  • Showing up during cultural events in the winter


Weaving into culture

Kopparberg were already sponsoring a number of high-profile music festivals. But we wanted to get closer to indie music fans at smaller festivals too.

It’s this insight that led to the birth of ‘The Festival Insider’: an unbiased guide to independent festivals in the UK. A way of connecting with niche music genres and their fans.


Recruit next generation

With a close eye on the younger market, Kopparberg had something up their sleeve. A new product that could take on the increasingly popular dark fruit sector.

This meant that they could compete with the likes of Strongbow, but with a premium alternative that could capture the emerging 18-24 year old market.

And where do 18-24 year olds hang out? Instagram and Snapchat. So we launched our campaign with a range of eye-grabbing stories across both platforms.

More than a product shot

To keep things fresh, we built a library of images that we could use throughout the seasons. Vibrant, seasonal photography shot in cool locations with trendy people.

A stunning suite of assets – always-on and ready to go.
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Rob Salvesen, Head of Marketing, Kopparberg
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