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Turning browsers into buyers

Quick Drying. Odourless. Lightweight. Fresh out of Dragons Den, with backing from Deborah Meaden, Dock & Bay came to us with one goal – sell towels. Lots of them.



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Post engagements

What was it that prompted people to buy new beachwear? This question needed an answer. And we had to find it.

The Journey

From awareness to purchase, we needed to understand the customer journey. The trigger points. The occasions.

Brand Building

Nurturing our audience down the funnel towards conversion was one part. But it wasn’t just about direct response – we wanted to take the opportunity to do long-term brand building too. The best of both worlds.

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Push to purchase

After repeat exposure, our audience was primed to purchase. Just the right amount of time to put out a persuasive call to action before moving them towards the sale.


Bold colours, vibrant kinetic text and slow-mo beach shots are the bread & butter for Dock & Bay ads. We teamed this with a cheeky straight-to-the-point tone of voice, giving consumers a fun and engaging perception of the brand.

Andy Jefferies, Founder, Dock & Bay
Born Social's paid social strategy, combined with awesome creative has been our sole driver for e-commerce. Highly recommend this motivated, experienced team.