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A mission to reposition

Urban hotel chain CitizenM wanted to be the go-to option in the affordable luxury hotel category – just in time for lockdown restrictions easing.





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As the hospitality sector looked forward to re-opening, CitizenM wanted to put themselves front of mind for travellers in a post-covid world.

Finding a look and feel

CitizenM don’t consider themselves as just a hotel. They see themselves as a distinct persona. One that hadn’t come out of it’s shell – until now.

Together with the client, we pinpointed their distinctive brand characteristics. From visual aesthetic to tone of voice, it was up to us to find inspiration from culture.

After finding affinity with the classic comedy Monty Python, we decided that Dadaism, a 20th century art movement, best reflected CitizenM’s persona.

Making it social-first

Diving head first into the weird and wonderful world of Dadaism, we needed to put CitizenM’s own unique spin on it, and turn it into social-first content.

Using stop motion GIFs, we revived the decades-old art form with a fresh, bold and modern take – ready to be turned into reactive for any occasion.

Altogether now

Binding this new creative style together with the client’s business objectives was key. So we created scenes of a post-covid world – dreaming about an end to lockdowns, and embarking on new adventures in new places.

Jaimee Hulsmeyer, Global Social Media and Influencer Manager
From the creative strategy to the creative output, the team at Born flawlessly translates our brand identity to strong social-first content that marries citizenM's love for art and community (and big announcements!)