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Culture 🤝 Luxury

After loving our social strategy, Ciroc brought us on to guide the brand’s through-the-line campaigns, honing its new look and feel to marry both luxury and culture 🤝


Creative Strategy



Born Social was chosen as the leading agency to guide the look and feel of Ciroc's through-the-line campaign and hone Ciroc's brand guidelines to ensure it's a brand of tomorrow.
Social-first 🤝 through-the-line execution

Before Born Social, Ciroc was like any other luxury white liquor brand. With visuals akin to its competitors, it lacked a sense of identity that was rooted in culture. We knew in order to be a successful brand, Ciroc needed to resonate culturally with its audience.

After the strategy phase, it wasn’t long before we were appointed as the lead agency. We shifted how Ciroc behaved as a luxury brand by identifying key luxury principles and how Ciroc should balance this with getting into culture. Following these pillars, we translated them into Ciroc’s new brand guidelines. Ciroc liked this new vision SO much that they brought us on to lead their other partners to follow our new vision, ensuring cohesive through-the-line brand guidelines which translated into TV ads, shopper ads, and billboards.

Social-first Production

Out of our strategy success, we guided Ciroc’s productions through a social-first lens, ensuring that their productions were built with social, culture, and relevancy in mind. After creating the strategy for Ciroc’s creator-led TV advert, we captured and edited a year’s worth of social assets with Ciroc’s famous faces. We wanted to maintain the brand’s narrative on social to fall in line with the talent’s future projects and maintain relevance in culture beyond a stand-alone campaign.


First things first, we established the difference in approach for luxury brands on social. We looked at the landscape, and what other brands in the luxury space were doing on social. By analysing this mini-social ecosystem, we collated key aspirational behaviour principles for Ciroc to follow to maintain its luxury status on social.

Shifting Ciroc’s look and feel, we changed its approach completely. We altered how Ciroc behaved as a luxury brand, moving towards an editorial high fashion approach rather than another alcohol brand, making Ciroc aspirational to the masses. By mixing hi-fi with lo-fi editorial style content, we made the brand effortlessly candid, cool and cultured and the drink to be seen with.

More social-first work to come 👀

Our partnership with Ciroc continues to go from strength to strength. From writing the social strategy to guiding through-the-line campaigns with our social-first lens and becoming the creative production partner, it’s safe to say Ciroc is well on its way to becoming a social-first brand.

In the meantime, with our production scope expanding into future campaigns, we can’t wait to show the world what Ciroc has up its sleeve next.

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