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Taking sales to the next level

During an unusually quiet season on the ski slopes, we helped digital ski coach Carv put their product on people’s radar with a full-funnel paid campaign.



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YoY growth in Dec 2020


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People had 100% thruplay

Finding our audience

As a product that was fairly new to market, our task was three-fold: create awareness, educate, and convert. With a mix of action shots on the ski-slopes, our videos focused on all three.

Initially, we focused on targeting:

  • Early intermediates

  • Proactive intermediates

Revise. Retest. Relaunch.

While reach and engagement for our initial campaign was strong, we reported a reduction in conversions compared to previous campaigns. So we had to delve deep into the data. Spot the anomalies, and fix them.

Full Funnel

After a round of reiteration, we presented a new, full-funnel strategy to Carv. One that paid extra attention to the creative at each stage of the funnel. Awareness at the top, education in the middle, and conversion at the bottom.

Alex Jackson, Head of Marketing, Carv
Born Social were able to elevate our content from previous years and help us grow brand reputation, sales and awareness all in one season. We’ve been able to grow in a tough environment and we've even seen inbound B2B opportunities arising from the strong creative and strategy work they did.
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