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Boosting Bravissimo on Social

Bravissimo needed a social boost to translate its in-store experience onto social 💪



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Bravissimo has always championed big-boobed women. From fittings to bras, Bravissimo’s hybrid business relied on an in-store bespoke experience that suffered a loss of footfall through the pandemic. With a market becoming progressively digital, Bravissimo needed to scale online sales, reach new audiences, and translate their in-store bespoke service on social in an increasingly saturated market.

Strategy that's made to measure

Bravissimo needed a strategy to cut through the chaos.

Enter our 4 pillar killer content plan, and tailored channel mix for organic and paid media. Combining the two provided both guidance and direction to ensure channel consistency across the board. We developed Bravissimo’s social channels to keep Bravissimo front of mind at every swipe - harnessing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, and newcomer, TikTok we came up with a social strategy that delved into each platform natively to add value to the brand and convert customers along the way.

As our partnership grew, Bravissimo saw the true value in social and moved from a segmented piece of a strategy to an integrated paid media strategy, building the brand in the long term with organic content and driving sales in the short term with paid media. Using our reporting and close relationship between media and creative to iterate platforms, format usage, audience segmentation, and creative in equal measure, we proved the value of an integrated social strategy tenfold and justified a 600% increase in paid social spend since our partnership began.

Uplifting Bravissimo creatively

Bravissimo’s creative needed an uplift - we enhanced it by telling the Bravissimo story, empowering big-boobed women, and showcasing the product and its unique brand experience. Whilst in post-production, our creative team sprinkled their social-first magic and added motion to catch the eye, a bold statement for an emotional hook, and identified product benefits in the copy to build brand and drive sales in-store and online.

Measuring up

We made data cool. Bravissimo bought into our proprietary measurement tool, Caliper. Caliper captures both brand effects and business performance and helps us understand the effectiveness of our marketing strategy. With social evolving at an unprecedented pace and scattering into many segments, it’s been difficult for our industry to truly measure social strategy’s effectiveness until now…

Caliper has truly succeeded in showing a statistical link between social, online, and offline sales. It has proved Bravissimo’s social effectiveness not only on E-commerce platforms but Bricks and Mortar as well - a notoriously difficult thing to do, seriously, just ask anyone in the industry. And as each campaign progressed, we shared comprehensive insights, optimisations, and recommendations on optimal spend thresholds, format usage, and campaign timings. This resulted in a more efficient allocation of budget and strategy for each campaign and is responsible for a 60% increase in ROI and a 52% reduction in cost per purchase. Bravo!

Still going strong

Aside from building a cohesive framework that marries both paid and organic, we've also enabled global brand consistency, fostered brand love, and grown brand awareness in both the UK and the US. And going into our third year of working together, Bravissimo has increased its annual investment in our services by 350% - a real testament to the success of our partnership and the value we provide to the Bravissimo brand as a social-first agency.

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