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Brand Building on Social

This report covers everything from how brands are built, how you currently use social media, to outlining a social strategy framework for effective brand building.

Can you build a brand on social?

Social media’s ability to drive short-term business results has been proven beyond any doubt over the last few years. It’s been a huge focus for the platforms, and many brands are now able to measure some form of tangible ROI from social.

As a consequence, we’ve observed that many now view social media as a tactical channel, good for driving short term spikes alone. As we’ll explore, for many brands that is the case. Social media isn’t a brand building tool for them.

But… can you build a brand on social?

In this paper, we aim to clarify exactly what we know about how brands are built, explore how that challenges how brands currently approach social media, and finally pull together a social strategy framework for brand building.