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The Social Scoop: November 2022


Instagram continues to put creators at the heart of the platform with Creator Achievements & Creator Gifting.

To follow on from Instagram announcing the Creative Media Kit last month, Instagram is increasingly catering to creators on the platform with two new reel-related updates. Instagram is introducing two updates for reels this month. The first one is the Creator achievements which will help creators improve their content’s performance - once creators create reels, they can receive achievements from Instagram and are sent a link to a document telling them how they can perform better on reels. The 3 achievements that they can get are:

  • A creative streak - creating more than one reel per week

  • The Trendspotter - using trending audios for reels

  • Collaborator - partnering with another creator through the collab tool

The next update is gifting on IG. So this is something that we've seen on Tik Tok already. Again, this option is available with reels and will help creators earn money from their followers. They are going to start it by testing a few creators and their followers will be allowed to purchase stars, which they can then put onto their reels. It is a great step for creators to start monetizing their content organically rather than from paid ads.


Meta introduces IP reporting API

Meta is introducing IP reporting API. What is that we hear you ask? It's Internet protocol for Application Programming Interface. This is a tool that they're adding to the insights tab and it will allow creators to protect their content. It is a way for creators to be able to ring-fence their content, owning it and preventing it from getting used elsewhere without their permission or authorisation, giving creators a lot more control over their content.


⚠️ Time to TikTok ‘NOW’ ⚠️ and TikTok shop launch in the US.

TikTok is becoming BeReal with TikTok ‘Now’ and it also launches the TikTok shop in America. TikTok has launched a ‘now’ function which sits on the bottom left of the app, where the Friends tab used to live. It is the same premise of BeReal - it gives you a notification to post a picture or video with your front and back camera over two minutes and then will notify all your ‘friends’ on TikTok too (which are the people you follow and they follow you back as well). As well as this, after a successful launch in the UK, TikTok has launched TikTok shop in America. They've given it to a few merchants to test out to see if they like it. But because we've seen it do so well in the UK we think it's an update that will be here to stay.


Twitter suspends ‘Twitter Blue’

Twitter Blue has been suspended - the $7.99 service that gave people access to the blue check mark was launched earlier this month before swiftly being pulled from the platform. Elon Musk is postponing the rollout of “Blue Verified” on Twitter until Nov. 29 “to make sure it is rock solid” before relaunch, as the initial rollout of the paid verification triggered a load of problems on the platform.