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The Social Scoop: July 2022


Instagram teases a ‘Reels only’ platform

Each month we see Instagram continually improving its platform video offering to ensure its user experience is as immersive and scrollable as possible. Instagram has begun testing a Reels only format on video sharing with the potential to remove Instagram video altogether. This doesn’t come as a surprise as the app has been fading out IGTV in the past few months and replacing video with a full view feed scroll format. So, in recent months it's been clear that Instagram has been making some significant changes to its video consumption on the platform to stay relevant.


Meta revamps Facebook groups

Meta introduces some new features to spice up Facebook groups. The features include - a new sidebar, the ability for admins to create chats, audios, and feed channels, and users can pin favourite groups and get alerts for new posts within groups, etc. All of these new group features are currently in the testing phase but are expected to be rolled out for consumers in the next few months. It will be interesting to see how brands will operate in this space and how these new methods will function to nurture communities and engage consumers.


TikTok abandons e-commerce expansion in Europe and US.

TikTok is making a u-turn on live stream commerce due to apparent operational challenges and a lack of consumer interest. As the number 1 growing app for creators and users, this will play a significant role in TikTok’s relationship with its creators and their ability to make money on the app.


Twitter notes and audio

Twitter is expanding its content capability by introducing the app's long-form notes and audio function. Twitter has launched a long-form text element called notes for selected user profiles. The note includes a header image, embedded links, images, and even embed tweets. The title of the notes is max. 100 characters but the main body of the text can have up to 25000 characters; paving the way for longer form content on the platform. It will be interesting to see how this will affect storytelling and information sharing on the platform.

As another edition to Twitter’s content formats, Twitter is continuing to purge audio functions on the platform, pushing that there is a real opportunity for it on the channel. Twitter is adding more elements to this space that includes permanent recordings, the capacity to save recordings after broadcasts, and new audio functions in the space bar. All these steps enhance the functional value of space chats and make them more podcast-like. Over the next few years, we will see how Twitter will push this space as ad space for brands and make it more geared towards it as it progresses.


New reactions on LinkedIn

LinkedIn introduces a new funny reaction that causes contention on how people should present themselves on the app. The perpetual debate of how to behave on LinkedIn continues as a new funny reaction leaving some people thinking that laughing online is unprofessional... Over the years on LinkedIn, we’ve seen elements of the corporate style user change as personal branding online and the acceptance of your true self at work has grown in popularity. Even on LinkedIn, people are finding new ways to express themselves so it felt like a natural move for the platform.