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Building with Community

Learn about the role of distinctive product assets, how to utilise influencers and how to co-create with your audience on social.

Hannah Wolff, Matthew Gordon and Ilana Green

18 Mar 2021

Tomorrow’s great brands will be built on the foundations of timeless truths, but they need new interpretations when it comes to new environments, as we explored in our latest white paper, The Social-First Brand.

In order to stay front of mind, it's important for brands to be consistently distinctive and reinforce this at every touchpoint. In yesterday’s world, when brands had much more control over their advertising, marketing, and product, this consistency was much more easily achievable.

In today's world, consistency is under threat. With more touchpoints than ever before, we have less control: and the result is brand sprawl, with brands taking on different forms for different people. It's no longer just about what your brand says or does when audiences, influencers and publishers carry just as much (if not more) weight in this digital world.

The way forward? Building with community.

Tune in for Part 3 of our Social-First Brand series where we explore the power of leading communities by building with them, rather than for them. You'll learn about:

  • The role of distinctive product assets and how to use them.

  • How to utilise influencers, creators and curators to get your brand message across.

  • How to leverage your follower engagement and co-create with your audience.

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