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The New Codes of Modern Luxury

Deconstructing the current luxury landscape and exploring the new codes luxury brands are adopting on social.

Saff Walker Kelly, Emily Evans and Maihri Gill

11 May 2023

Luxury is entering its social era.

Despite the cost of living crisis, the sales of luxury goods and experiences are on the rise, projected to reach £1.2trn in sales revenue this year, which is up 21% from 2021.

Surprisingly, Gen-Z and Millennial consumers are the dominant buyers, now accounting for 72% of the global luxury market.

And we're seeing this shift play out online. Luxury content is currently dominating our social feeds and even inspiring social creative; a bolthole for creativity and connection, some luxury brands are leaning into this untapped market, meeting their newfound consumers where they spend a lot of their time.

But social can be chaos; between TikTok trends, creators, and the current need for authenticity, it's hard to know where a luxury brand fits in. How do they balance accessibility while still retaining their luxury status? How do they maintain high-quality perception in a lo-fi world?

Check out our deep-dive where we explore the new codes of modern luxury.

We'll discuss:

  • What luxury craft looks like on social, including how to approach lo-fi production.
  • The importance of creators, communities, and cross-channel strategies.
  • How luxury brands balance accessibility and aspiration online.
  • Best-in-class luxury brands in action.

Hosted by Senior Creative Strategist, Saff Walker Kelly, Senior Strategist, Maihri Gill, and Strategist, Emily Evans, tune in below.

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