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The Lowdown on Lo-fi

Authentic, tangible and inherently social, lo-fi content rejects perfection and opts for the less polished route. But how do you create 'real' content? Get the lowdown in our latest event...

Sam Carrick, Rhi Kalsi and George Holt

29 Apr 2022

After years of perfectly curated social content, the dynamic has shifted. With the rising need for businesses to be transparent and real, coupled with the creativity born out of production in lockdown, and Gen-Z favouring a more DIY aesthetic, brands have been steadily adopting the lo-fi approach.

But how do you create 'real' content? And how do you know if it's right for your brand?

Hosted by with Creative Strategist, Sam Carrick, Creative, Rhiana Kalsi, and Senior Social Media Manager, George Holt, tune in below as we explore the power of lo-fi content on social, regardless of brand size or sector.

You'll get the lowdown on:

  • What the lo-fi landscape looks like on social
  • The brands which are tapping in and getting it right
  • A framework for success
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