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Production in Isolation

Born Social Presents... Production in Isolation: An exploration of creative production during the crisis.

Paddy Smith and Ilana Green

28 Apr 2020

Insight and advice to those creating content at home.

With creatives locked indoors, expensive production has halted. No more sets, fancy locations, costume changes or lighting setups. Videos are filmed on mobile phones and we’re tapping into skills that can be utilised with minimal technology.

But that doesn’t mean creativity has to suffer. Home-created-content has an air of authenticity. As we’ve seen with the rise of live video, as long as it’s interesting or engaging, audiences don’t mind watching a scene taking place in your living room.

Hosted by our Creative Director, Paddy Smith, and Strategist, Ilana Green, virtually join our team as they explore 'Production in Isolation'; a look at the brands that they think have really nailed creative production during the crisis, alongside insight and advice to those creating content at home.

Key takeaways;

1. Creativity doesn't have to suffer without the tools we are used to having access to.

2. Make the most of partnerships; encourage influencers, ambassadors and audiences to create when brands can't.

3. Embrace imperfections; audiences are forgiving if content has visual flaws when it reflects the world we are living in.

4. Make the most of what you've got; people don't mind seeing old content if it's saying something new. Use stock footage, but make it own-able to separate yourself from others.

5. Explore technology; test your idea in different mediums to identify whether video is what you need.

6. Social media is about connection, emotion and authenticity. This is the time to challenge your ideation and production habits with the current restraints to push creative boundaries.

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