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Measuring What Matters

How do you prove the value of social media?

Essi Nurminen, Dan Pereira & Ed Knights

15 Sep 2022

There is an industry-wide challenge in measuring the impact of social media.

Surveys show that 77% of marketers use at least one social network to promote their brand. Yet only 38% of them believe that they were able to measure their social media activities. This disconnect does not mean that social isn't delivering results for these businesses, but rather a consistent set of challenges are stopping them from truly understanding its impact.

There is no commonly accepted ‘theory’ of social effectiveness, but we believe there’s an opportunity to change this.

Watch our latest event as we explore the theory behind social measurement, potential solutions to the challenge, and simple best practices that brands can use to uncover insights into their activity.

We explore:

  • The Landscape: the common industry challenges that lead to a social measurement problem
  • Our Solution: how we’ve tackled these problems and deliver social-first measurement solutions for brands
  • Best in Class: a case study on designing a bespoke measurement framework for a brand and linking social activity with offline sales

Hosted by Head of Strategy, Essi Nurminen, Data & Insight Director, Dan Pereira, and Head of New Business + Marketing, Ed Knights, we'll be discussing these challenges that brands face and our unique approaches to overcoming them.

Tune in below!

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