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Keeping it Reel

The days of still content and 1:1 posts are over. What does this mean for your Instagram strategy?

Sophie Westbrook-Clyne, Claire Bouchara, Nimisha Mistry, and Liam Glover

20 Oct 2022

Two months ago Instagram announced that all new video posts shorter than 15 minutes will now be shared as Reels. This means all videos uploaded will now be shared full screen and have access to the Reels editing tools. They will also be eligible to be recommended on the Discovery feed to be seen by more people. In short, Instagram has begun optimising the platform towards a full-screen video viewing experience.

This makes sense. Reels are the fastest growing part of Instagram and more people are watching Reels, more often. Meta reported that in the last quarter they saw a more than 30% increase in the time that people spent engaging with Reels across Facebook and Instagram.

So what does this mean for your Instagram strategy? Can you just post your TikTok assets to Instagram and get away with it?

Tune into our event below where we explore:

  • The Landscape: Why is Instagram prioritising Reels and what it means for brands
  • Best in Class: The brands we think are smashing the Reels scene
  • Approaching Production: How to create gold standard Reels content

Hosted by Senior Social Media Manager, Sophie Westbrook-Clyne, Social Media Managers, Claire Bouchara and Nimisha Mistry, and Motion Designer, Liam Glover.

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