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Into the Beyond

Tune in to our first virtual event of the year...

🪐 Into the Beyond - A Brand's Guide to the Metaverse 🪐

Callum McCahon and Claire Bouchara

24 Feb 2022

Join us for our latest event as we explore the next chapter of the internet; the metaverse.

This is a brand's guide that will offer an introduction to the metaverse, with a particular focus on NFTs and Web3.

You'll come away with:

  • An understanding of what the metaverse is and how you should be thinking about it
  • Examples of brands who are tapping in and getting it right
  • Key takeaways on how you can get involved

Hosted by Executive Strategy Director and Partner, Callum McCahon, and Social Media Manager, Claire Bouchara, tune in below!

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