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Brand Building on Social

Our fifth digital event in lockdown. Born Social Presents... Our guide to brand building on social: exploring a social strategy framework for your brand.

Callum McCahon

11 Jun 2020

A lot has changed over the last few months, but the fundamentals haven't.

Hosted by Born Social CEO, Ben Tyson, and Strategy Director, Callum McCahon, tune in below as we walk through one of our most popular pieces of thinking from the last year: Brand Building on Social Media.

We'll look at what we know about how brands are built, and apply that to social. You'll leave with a framework for how to build your brand over the long term using social media.

Key takeaways;

1. Much of social media is ineffective for long term brand building because it ignores the basic facts of marketing and advertising.

2. With your creative, you need to focus on building fame, creating emotion, and reinforcing distinctiveness. You can do that with Fame Builders, Short Stories, and Distinctive Cues.

3. Media is about reaching all of the potential buyers in the category, at the right frequency. Make sure you're spending at least 60% of your budget on brand building.

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