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Our Conscious Contribution

We want to do our bit to make the world a better place. Here you'll find updates on how we consciously contribute to our industry, our community and our planet through our commitment to improving inclusion and diversity, reducing our environmental impact and making ethical decisions.

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Inclusion, Diversity and Representation Update: October 2021

Increase Knowledge.

For Disability Pride month in July we shared a company-wide email with an overview on what Disability Pride Month means to those with a disability. We included key insights around depiction in advertising, influencers using their platform to raise awareness and invite conversation, and resources we can use as an agency that explore how we go about ensuring accurate representation, widening our circle of influence and ensuring the creative we produce is accessible.

For Bisexual Awareness week and day (16th-23rd September) we shared an insight into the history, culture, community and current policy priorities of Bi+ communities, as Bi people are often the forgotten part of the LGBT community.

The end of September also saw National Inclusion Week, with the theme #unitedforinclusion. To celebrate, we ran a social series outlining the importance of inclusivity in the workplace, spotlighting our I,D&R team and the work they’ve been doing over the last year to champion inclusivity. The aim was to increase knowledge around inclusivity, and what first steps businesses need to take to get the ball rolling.

Grow Empathy.

In August we attended a webinar by Acas on Inclusive workplaces, to learn about changes we can make to better support neurodiversity in our team and increase our knowledge of adjustments we can offer. Alongside this, we started centralising our processes in an accessible hub, in line with our ‘remote-first’ approach to work, to improve onboarding and support neurodivergent talent.

Take Action.

As we continue on our journey to increase the representation in our team, we've been looking for a partner to help us find untapped diverse talent. We’ve found this partnership in Brixton Finishing School, an amazing team of changemakers in our industry who offer free training and mentorship to under-represented talent. We're so excited to be supporting their school and have their help in driving our competitive advantage through increasing the diversity of our team.

A handful of our team will also be volunteering for their new scheme called ADVENTURE - an initiative to get advertising professionals out talking to school kids (aged 14-19) across the UK about the industry. We can’t wait to get started!