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Threads: A Thread

Twitter has been on a downhill spiral since Musk took over, and with Meta making twitter’s latest alternative the easiest to get on board with, Threads feels like a welcomed change within the industry.

*cries in Mastodon and Bluesky*


Callum McCahon

7 Jul 2023

If the experience lives up to the hype, we’re expecting Threads to capture a significant proportion of the disgruntled Twitter user base. But we believe the larger opportunity is in the billions of social media users who never ‘got’ Twitter. By plugging straight into Instagram, Meta is removing the barrier of building a following list from scratch, which is always off-putting.

This is an opportunity to onboard a whole new audience to an interconnected text-based social network.

What does it mean for brands?

There is always potential for gaining an early movers advantage with new social apps, and we expect that to be the case here. Here’s our recommendation for action:

  • Claim your brand handle (which will be the same as your Instagram handle). This is worth doing even if you have no immediate plans to launch on Threads.

  • Copy is King - If you already have a live Twitter content strategy, we’d expect a similar style of content to work on Threads - text-based, witty, written in the first-person, hitting on human truths. There is no reason not to start experimenting with this content on Threads. We’d advise getting a launch post ready to go, and then collate some best performing Tweets that could be translated across to Threads.

  • Observe and then experiment - If you haven’t been using Twitter as part of your social strategy, this might have been due to concerns over brand safety or the size of the audience. We think there is clear potential that Threads turns into a more brand-safe version of Twitter, and could achieve significant scale.

Early adopters nailing the brief:

A word to the wise:

Don’t lose your thread over threads. Stay true to your TOV and harness the power of well-written copy to truly connect with your audience as they are just as clueless as you are.

Good luck, have fun, and let's see how this all plays out!